9 Things Smart Recruiters Should Demand from Their Assessment Provider


Not all tests are created equal. If you believe that you are a strategic recruiter, then you probably use or are considering using online tests to select the right person for the right role. Online assessments have now become widely recognized as a staple in every recruiter’s tool box. Because of this, there are now dozens of vendors offering assessments to cater to the growing demand. This leads recruiters confused on which provider best fits their needs.

We have come up with a list of questions every recruiter should demand answers from their assessment providers if they want something that will improve recruitment efficiency and make their screening & selection methodology accurate and effective.

Ask your provider about the Science…

#1. Do your tests have a reliability coefficient score? How does it promise accuracy and consistency?


#2 Are your tests competency-based? Do you have an extensive library of assessments available?


Ask you provider about the Technology…

#3 Are your assessments accessible anytime, anywhere?


#4 Are your assessments customizable?


#5 Can it instantly generate reports?


#6 Can your tests produce different types of reports with one test sitting?


#7 Does it come integrated with other assessment methodologies like video interviewing tools and job simulations?


Ask you provider about the User Experience…

#8 Are your reports manager-friendly?


#9 Is your assessment platform able to reflect our employer brand? Can it be visually customized to show my company logo, colors, etc.?



Remember that an assessment provider’s role is not just to deliver and provide you assessments but to be your partner in achieving your recruiting goals. Choose an assessment partner who will hold your hand every step of the way. Remember that it’s not always about the product, but the overall service that matters.




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