Strategic Hiring: Why Customize Applicant Assessment Reports


Graduate-ProfileWhen an applicant takes an online test, chances are the personality test just has too many components. While every trait, dimension or cluster is important, it is not always necessary for the job we are hiring for. Here are three reasons how a customized report can fast track your recruitment process:

1. Make it Competency-based

We can’t say it enough— recruitment (and the entire HR system) is moving toward a competency-based structure. A customized report can help you make sense of personality dimensions by grouping them into competencies. By customizing your personality report, you can recruit applicants who match the competency requirements of a role with greater efficiency and accuracy.

2. Speak the Language of Your Company

One of the reasons why you thrive in your company is because you can speak your company’s language. You have your own acronyms for reports and frameworks (e.g. TQM, CSS, DTR, etc.). it works the same for your values and competencies, chances are you also use your own unique terms and nomenclature. Using a report that is generic to screen your applicants takes more time off from your recruiters who still need to translate the report into the language that they understand and that their bosses understand. For example, your company values may speak about “creativity” but refer to it inside as “innovation.” These two words can mean the same things but one is understood and accepted over the other, simply because it is the language you know. Customizing your report helps you and your managers to understand quickly which values and competencies are shared by the applicant with your company that make them a good (or bad) fit for the role.

3. Shorten Report Generation

Let’s face it, while an online test makes checking fast, sometimes, the reports are just too much. They either have content we don’t need or pages we don’t have time to print! Having a customized report means that you are able to select the components you want to see and share with fellow recruiters or business unit managers. It also means that you can control the number of pages you need to print for every applicant which you can now easily attach with their other application requirements. Your time is valuable and your recruitment process should reflect that.

Talegent PATH brings together a new ensemble of innovative personality, cognitive ability and skills tests under a single powerful and flexible, highly-customizable system that allows you to easily configure, administer, and access results and reporting. And those who use it are able to more quickly, efficiently, and accurately determine the expected performance of an individual within a given role to improve new hires or internal appointments.