The 7 Most Exciting Trends from the HR Tech Conference



I had an amazing experience at the recent HR tech conference in Las Vegas, and it was terrific to see some the exciting new directions that the HR industry will head in over the next few years. So what’s the biggest change that’s going to happen? The short answer? Growth. The long answer? Big growth. I have identified some of the new trends and technologies that the most successful companies will be implementing in the near future.

1.Use your data: You can have all the data in the world, but what’s the point if you’re not using it? Capturing useful data and using it is the difference between a successful company and an unknown competitor .

2.Define, define, define: set a target and stick to it. For example, if you want to have 25% employee turnover, use the best tools to make sure you reach that target.

3.Mobile: forget about doing everything from a computer, mobile applications are on the verge of becoming the key interface through which people access the internet. According to new research the number of smartphones now matches the number of PC’s, and the trend towards mobile is only set to continue.

4.Big data: far from being just a buzzword, big data can help improve HR by drawing together candidate data from a huge variety of sources. Many leading companies are sitting on massive amounts of data about employee performance, and the critical role personality plays in creating value, and this only needs to be utilised to create a revolution in HR technology.

5.Agility: New performance management tools will allow HR departments to increase their transparency, goal sharing, and ultimately efficiency. For example, by using services like LinkedIn and Facebook HR can source and recruit candidates far more easily.

6.Make it easy: Make sure you can view data at a glance, don’t waste valuable time searching through candidate data. Use tools which can create a dashboard to show you everything you need. Utilising technologies like the cloud, mobile, and video will ensure that you can easily select the best candidates fast.

7.Take action! This is the most important rule, having the best tools and data won’t be any good if you can’t put them to use.

To quote the great Bill Kutik, the recently retired co-chair of the HR tech conference for the last 16 years ‘it felt like the beginning of the talent-management gold rush nine years ago.’ The next few months and years are going to see some incredibly exciting changes in the HR industry, and talent assessment is going to be leading the charge. Will you be left behind?