Contact Center Version 2


We at Talegent are dedicated to continuously enhance and refine our assessment platform. As part of our commitment to make our product offerings even better, we are proud to announce that Version 2 of our contact center software is in progress. We’ve taken on a variety of your feedback and made improvements to enhance your user experience.


ctashadowHere are the major changes in the upcoming version of our Contact Center Simulation platform:

  • Improved tutorial: The tutorial has been modified to better guide candidates through the assessment process, and assist them if they seem to be stuck.
  • Improved search function: Our search function has been improved in order to better answer your queries, and function more like industry leaders such as Google.
  • Improved user interface: The contact center solution will be more attractive than ever thanks to an improved user interface, which offers a more realistic simulation of a real-word workplace.
  • Webchat: To better reflect the changing reality of contact centers, we have added new assessments which emulate webchat tools. This can be used either independently or in conjunction with the voicechat feature to best suit your needs.
  • Internationalization: Catering for a globalized workplace, we have added multiple features to better suit our international consumer base.




These improvements aim to greatly improve the practicality and efficiency of your Contact Center user experience, without compromising its existing practicality – our solution will continue to help you hire quickly and reduce turnover. The new version will be available for pilot testing in early March, so contact us if you are interested in participating.

In addition, we’re adding a brand new assessment which can evaluate the potential of contact center managers. This will assess the management potential of any candidates via testing for personality characteristics such as leadership ability and emotional intelligence.


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