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Talegent Contact Center Solutions help you find employees who have the personality, ability and aptitude to fit customer service roles. Couple with video interviewing, applicants can apply at their own time and you can also screen efficiently at your own time. From entry level to team leader and managerial roles, Talegent’s contact center tests help you fill the seats you need to increase customer satisfaction and on-the-job performance.

Screening Assessment

Call centers are vital for ensuring effective customer service and driving sales. They are often the first or only point of contact between a business and their existing or prospective customers. The assessment measures a candidates intellectual capability, skills, drive and motivation to achieve sales targets and delight customers.

Understanding Information
The ability to make decisions based on written information.
Problem Solving
The ability to make effective decisions by utilising thorough analysis and logic, resulting in a high quality recommendation.
Customer Focus
The tendency to be motivated to meet or exceed customer expectations and fulfill obligations to others.
Sales Focus
The tendency to be energetic, persuasive and engaging while guiding customers towards sales.

Selection Assessment

The Call Center Selection Assessment is a follow-up assessment for the Call Center Screening Assessment. It has been designed to provide a more complete profile of the candidate’s skills, abilities and personality prior to an assessment centre or interview. The assessment includes a number of realistic Call Center simulations where candidates must handle inbound calls and respond appropriately by using a simulated system. The complete selection assessment measures three skills and three personality competencies:

The ability to navigate through a contact centre environment to find information and answer customer questions.
Typing Speed and Accuracy
The ability to understand callers and enter customer information into contact centre software quickly and accurately.
Active Listening
The ability to pay full attention to what customers are saying, and ask relevant questions when necessary and appropriate.
Customer Orientation
The ability to answer customer questions with appropriate language and tone and being concern for their needs.
Social Drive
The tendency to enjoy social interaction, tailor behaviour to suit customers and build rapport with people from diverse backgrounds and lifestyles.
The tendency to remain calm and composed when interacting with customers, and to remain optimistic and self-confident.
The tendency to be dependable and focus on work tasks.
Drive for Results
The tendency to be motivated by challenging goals.


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