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Our graduate assessment solution enables you to filter candidates fast while being cost efficient and creating a powerful employer brand. Find qualified fresh graduates before your competitors can.

  • Screen high volumes with ease through an automated and efficient system
  • Reduce time and cost to hire
  • Accurately identify top performers faster

Combining world-class research with locally validated graduate competency sets, our psychometric assessments are unmatched for accurately predicting performance and cultural fit for a given role. And with the support of our local-based teams, we’ll get it all fully integrated with your ATS and deliver results faster.

Screening Assessment

The Graduate Screening Assessment is used to quickly and efficiently identify top graduate candidates. The assessment measures two cognitive and two personality competencies which have been selected based on research to determine the most important characteristics for graduate success. These are:

Verbal Reasoning
The ability to make well-reasoned decisions on the basis of written information.
Numerical Reasoning
The ability to make well-reasoned decisions on the basis of numerical information.
Drive for Results
The tendency to be motivated by challenging goals and to strive to achieve success in the workplace.
Social Drive
The tendency to enjoy interacting with others and to build relationships with ease.

Selection Assessment

The Graduate Selection Assessment is a follow-up assessment for the Graduate Screening Assessment. It has been designed to provide a more complete profile of the candidate’s abilities and personality prior to an interview. The assessment measures one cognitive and five personality competencies:

Logical Reasoning
The ability to use logical thinking to solve problems.
The tendency to view one’s self as dependable and reliable.
Business Acumen
The tendency to enjoy analysing data and making strategic plans.
The tendency to enjoy working in teams and the pursuit of collaborative goals.
Confidence & Optimism
The tendency to be self-confident and think positively about the future.
Influencing & Motivating
The tendency to enjoy and be effective at influencing the behaviour of others.


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