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Our Talegent PATH® Personality Questionnaire (PPQ) allows you to see beyond skills and directs you to what motivates and drives your talent – the way they think, how they relate to others, their work style, and more. With advanced reporting functionality, this personality test will help you gain the insight you need to hire, promote, develop and engage your people.

  • Select the best candidates faster
  • Identify high potential to improve & manage talent pipelines
  • Develop talent based on core strengths & development needs
  • Assess relative strengths & weaknesses to build more effective teams
  • Identify & coach current or future leaders

Feeds in 23 job competencies

The Talegent PATH® Personality Questionnaire gives employers deep insight into what motivates and drives individuals – the way they think, how they relate to others, their preferred work style, and more. These measures can be analysed in relation to the key role competencies exhibited by top performers for a given role.

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One personality test. Multiple reports.

Personality Profile Report
The PATH Personality Profile provides at-a-glance understanding of a candidate’s personality to help you make faster, better-informed talent decisions. The one-page summary graphically displays a candidates scores on each of 30 key personality measures and 2 response scales, clearly explaining what scales and high and low measures mean for a candidate in a job role.
Personality Detail Report
The PATH Personality Report provides in-depth descriptions of a candidate’s score on each of the 30 key personality measures and 2 response scales. The candidate’s results are interpreted, with the report outlining in a clear and jargonfree manner what each score means and how the candidate is likely to behave at work.
Personal Feedback Report
The Path Personal Feedback Report is designed to be given to test takers to provide them with feedback and insight into the analysis of their responses on the PATH personality questionnaire. Their results are discussed in the context of the 30 key personality measures. No graphic representation or numerical interpretation of scores is provided with this report.
Competency Profile Report
Enables you to quickly and objectively assess a candidate in relation to key role competencies exhibited by top performers. The one-page summary graphically displays a candidate’s scores on each on the 23 Talegent PATH competencies, clearly explaining competencies and what high and low measures mean for a candidate in a job role.
Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Report
The Talegent EQ assessment measures emotional intelligence – the ability to percieve and manage emotions in both the self and in others – as well as some of the effective attributes associated with the construct. This report identifies how individuals score on the key personality characteristics associated with emotional intelligence.
Leadership Growth Potential Report
The Talegent Leadership Potential solution gives you the tools to quickly and effectively identify those people with the cognitive abilities and personality characteristics that best predict successful performance in a leadership role.


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